BCC: Registration

How do I register for the online Bible course?
Though very straight forward, we have nevertheless prepared a video tutorial to assist you in the registration process. Click here to follow.

BCC: Learning Path

How many courses are currently available?

The way of life

The course is available in English, French, Polish, Chinese and Spanish. It comprises seven lessons:

  1. God's perfect creation
  2. The old creation
  3. Human Attempts at Getting Out of the Old Creation
  4. Gods way out of the old creation
  5.  The New Creation
  6. Terminating With the Past
  7. Assurance of salvation

Visit the course home page to get started!

BCC: Certification

Do you issue certification?
Yes. At the end of every module (made up of several lessons), a certificate is issued by the School of Knowing and Serving God (SKSG)